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Leading startups across the ecosystem 

Cross-industry and global support fostering  growth and success 

XTEND provides revolutionary human-guided autonomous machine systems that enable any operator to perform extremely accurate manoeuvres and actions, in any environment with minimal training. The company’s patented XOS operating system fuses the best of human intelligence and machine autonomy to enhance the operator’s abilities. 

A group of passionate robotics enthusiasts with a vision of higher quality of life made possible with the help of task-oriented robots.

Robots should handle the mundane, dirty, and dangerous tasks we humans aren’t good at or simply don’t want to do.

Building a robot requires passion, creativity, and teamwork as we integrate various disciplines into the first-of-its-kind autonomous indoor drone fleet, including software, hardware, and algorithms.

Working with pioneering entrepreneurs and technologies

XOLTAR is the first conversational AI platform designed for long-lasting patient engagement, focused on medical adherence. XOLTAR’s Hyper personalized digital therapeutic app is led by Heather, XOLTAR’s live AI agent.

The World’s First Marketplace Platform for Airlines.
Unlocking New Revenue Streams with Additional Products And Pricing Combinations For Seamless Booking And Enhanced Optimization.

And many more

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