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Our Services

At Samurai Story, we empower startups, entrepreneurs, and VC's to master the art of storytelling, equipping them to effectively communicate their message to potential partners, investors, or customers. 

For Startups

Decoding Your Industry Power,  

Filtered Through the  “Open Forest Path”  Methodology


Your Company

We begin by understanding your team, history, strengths, assets, and future goals.


The Ecosystem

Next, we examine the broader startup ecosystem, the key players, the influencing levers, the opportunities, and evolutionary trends

Your Opportunities

To complete this phase, we outline your unique choices of how to interface with & lead the startup ecosystem


Choosing the Path

With a fully qualified list of potential pathways, your value-creation team selects the best integrated approach to pursue, based on your unique strategic advantages

Building the Strategic Ecosystem Framework
Working collaboratively, we architect ecosystem trends, company data and filtered research into a powerful & proven strategic deck-construct

Final Strategic Deck & Ecosystem Platform
With a distilled strategy-deck created, and all assets aligned,  you will be ready to engage the ecosystem with confidence, wisdom and force

For VC's

Working with leading VC's

Our goal is to empower VCs with the tools they need to maximize the potential of their investments and create lasting partnerships with the startups they support

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